Thank you to all the candidates who completed the survey.


The puffin ratings below are based on their answers to the multiple choice questions we posed to them across three key issues, with four green puffins indicating the best answer down to 1 green puffin indicating the least environmentally friendly option. We did not factor the candidates' free form text answers (visible by clicking 'Read More' to get to their candidate page) into the ratings.

Candidates who did not engage with the survey received zero green puffins.

The States questions also contain informative environmental responses for some candidates:

Which statement best aligns to your views on the climate crisis?

We should act fast on climate change, and adopt a clear plan to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Please let us know more about your perspective on the climate crisis in your own words.

The climate crisis is the most pressing and urgent issue facing us now - it is an existential threat. Sadly pretty well all of us are invested in the present ways (it's almost impossible not to be) and the resulting "inertia" perpetuates the situation. But that exacerbates the crisis and many fair-minded and motivated people are discouraged and deterred. The crisis - though urgent - must compete for attention with equally and more immediate problems - COVID-19, Brexit, and political and economic systems are under severe strain - to the point of dysfunction in some cases (and they worry me too!). By moving to a practical green economy - internal and external - we can create real positive opportunities to contribute to mitigation, reduction and hopefully one day reversal of climate damage, encourage greater participation in the project and makes lives better for ourselves and coming generations. We must start now!


Which statement best aligns to your views on the challenges being faced by local biodiversity?

I believe the States need to prioritise Guernsey's biodiversity, and should invest more funding in protecting it where possible.

Please let us know more about your views on the challenges faced by local biodiversity in your own words.

Species and habitat loss - as figures show - are worrying. There are so many aspects of environmental decline that need to be addressed and they are all competing for attention. Some can be addressed as part of what I hope will be an holistic environmental policy, which in turn could form some of the content of "Revive & Thrive". Legislation would require resources and enforcement (and time). I would not rule it out, but we must start with improvement and remediation of environmental decline.


Transitioning to a greener economy could result in major, potentially unequal, social and economic impacts. Which statement best reflects your view of how these should be managed?

We can do more than just avoid unfairness - we can and should use climate action as an opportunity to build a better, fairer society, for example, through green job creation and progressive funding solutions.

Please let us know more about your perspective on climate equity and transitioning to a greener economy in your own words.

Building a green economy should mean more than choosing between climate action and social justice. People need to feel involved, but they will also become disaffected if they feel the impacts of climate action on their lives. Alternatively, if they feel the benefits, they will support the policy - and there should be benefits to health, cost of living, a decent environment. A green economy could and should be a great export - green finance could earn good returns but also a great reputation and provide the revenue. And it's the right thing to do - make business clean, make society fair.


Where the environment is concerned, what outcomes do you think the States should achieve in the next four years, in your own words?

Establish Guernsey as the domicile of choice for green finance - constituting an ever increasing proportion of new business in the finance sector. Lay enough fibre-optic cable to make remote operations a normal everyday office experience and part of the business offering. Make electric transport the default choice for replacement. Sea defences restored and reinstated. A biodiversity protection programme built into the implementation and execution of the Future Guernsey Plan - it becomes a fundamental principle of "Revive & Thrive". Commercial and residential developments to include energy conservation and generation as a matter of course - e.g., presumptive planning permission for solar panels. Reverse the trend to loss of green space.


Crossan, Jonathan