informed voting

Where do candidates stand on the big environment issues? Do they understand them in enough depth? Are they taking them seriously?

There's only a certain amount of space in the average manifesto, only a certain amount of time in the average hustings and many big issues to cover. With island wide voting this time, we believe it might be even harder to truly get a feel for where candidates stand on the key environmental issues. We therefore decided to see what we could do to help voters make a more informed choice. 


Working together with subject matter experts, we have created a quantified questionnaire to better understand each candidate's views and policies regarding the environment. All candidates running in Guernsey's 2020 Election have been invited to complete the survey and we have published their responses in full here, on this website.

Each candidate has been rated on a 4 point scale: One green puffin = worst, four green puffins = best,  zero green puffins = no answer. It's not just about the ratings though, each candidate had the opportunity to add more of their thinking in a free-form section on each of the questions, plus what their priorities would be for the next four years should they get in. Please click the "Read more" button to dive into this further detail as it will hopefully give a bit more of a flavour of what the candidate's understanding and priorities are.

We will also summarise their responses and create a downloadable reference sheet to provide the detail at a glance.

compare and contrast

Its worth pointing out that judging candidates purely on their responses on one issue, no matter how important that issue, is probably not a good strategy. Candidates should be evaluated "in the round" and we hope that this data on the environmental issues is viewed in this context, allowing voters to better weigh up the candidates' relative merits and short-comings.