Thank you to all the candidates who completed the survey.


The puffin ratings below are based on their answers to the multiple choice questions we posed to them across three key issues, with four green puffins indicating the best answer down to 1 green puffin indicating the least environmentally friendly option. We did not factor the candidates' free form text answers (visible by clicking 'Read More' to get to their candidate page) into the ratings.

Candidates who did not engage with the survey received zero green puffins.

The States questions also contain informative environmental responses for some candidates:

Which statement best aligns to your views on the climate crisis?

We should reach net zero carbon emissions as early as possible (and no later than 2040), and take this opportunity to transform Guernsey into a climate leader and innovator.

Please let us know more about your perspective on the climate crisis in your own words.

I was a little slow on the uptake but I am increasingly concerned about the impact of climate change and I don't understand why Guernsey has set a target for net zero carbon emissions of 2050 when Jersey has targeted 2030. We need to escalate our response and climate change is one of the factors that should be sense checked in every single policy decision made going forward.


Which statement best aligns to your views on the challenges being faced by local biodiversity?

I believe the States need to prioritise Guernsey's biodiversity, and should invest more funding in protecting it where possible.

Please let us know more about your views on the challenges faced by local biodiversity in your own words.

I was impressed by the knowledge and passion displayed by those presenting at the recent environment hustings. I recognise that this is more than a passion shared by a few and that there is a real risk that Guernsey could lose a great deal if biodiversity issues are not addressed seriously as part of wider environmental concerns in all policy decisions going forward.


Transitioning to a greener economy could result in major, potentially unequal, social and economic impacts. Which statement best reflects your view of how these should be managed?

Climate action, economic and social justice are closely linked. I would strongly support equitable policies which don't put the financial burden of climate change on lower- and middle-income households.

Please let us know more about your perspective on climate equity and transitioning to a greener economy in your own words.

It is in every Guernsey resident's interest to contribute to halting harmful impacts on the island (and the planet). We all have a part to play and our adoption of the waste strategy demonstrates that we are capable of it. There is a need for ongoing strong communication and engagement on these issues and the States can play a part in this by partnering with those in our community who are working hard to bring this issue to the forefront.


Where the environment is concerned, what outcomes do you think the States should achieve in the next four years, in your own words?

We need to reduce the target of 2050 for carbon neutrality. Also, every policy made should - where applicable - reflect a recognition and concern for environmental impact.


Falla, Steve

The Guernsey Partnership of Independents