Thank you to all the candidates who completed the survey.


The puffin ratings below are based on their answers to the multiple choice questions we posed to them across three key issues, with four green puffins indicating the best answer down to 1 green puffin indicating the least environmentally friendly option. We did not factor the candidates' free form text answers (visible by clicking 'Read More' to get to their candidate page) into the ratings.

Candidates who did not engage with the survey received zero green puffins.

The States questions also contain informative environmental responses for some candidates:

Which statement best aligns to your views on the climate crisis?

We should reach net zero carbon emissions as early as possible (and no later than 2040), and take this opportunity to transform Guernsey into a climate leader and innovator.

Please let us know more about your perspective on the climate crisis in your own words.

My current perspective is we can and should be achieving more. Encouragement to electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, you offset schemes around the world if needed to continue to offset our emissions. Produce more solar power (panels and bricks), use and produce more sustainable products such as hemp which could also be used as an insulator.


Which statement best aligns to your views on the challenges being faced by local biodiversity?

I believe urgent action is needed to save Guernsey's biodiversity, and the States should immediately invest more funding to protect it, introducing new legislation as appropriate.

Please let us know more about your views on the challenges faced by local biodiversity in your own words.

Guernsey faces many conservation challenges. Increased urbanisation, disturbance, invasive non-native species, and land management changes. Like other nations Guernsey, is affected also by climate change, pollution and conflicting policy objectives. We must look at all possible ways and key objectives to invest in preserving our habit and prevent it from partly becoming extinct.


Transitioning to a greener economy could result in major, potentially unequal, social and economic impacts. Which statement best reflects your view of how these should be managed?

Climate action, economic and social justice are closely linked. I would strongly support equitable policies which don't put the financial burden of climate change on lower- and middle-income households.

Please let us know more about your perspective on climate equity and transitioning to a greener economy in your own words.

As a winner of the YEYA (young environmentalist of the Year Award) for two years in a row (back in the mid 1990's), looking after our environment has been close to my heart for many years. Everything is achievable with the right approach and keep our island clean and view to become more carbon neutral should be a key part in all islanders lives. We can use for education for children and young adults. More interactive projects for all the family to get involved in and learn would also be great. Our government need to support and fund better and look for the next 30-50 years ahead, not just for short term solutions.


Where the environment is concerned, what outcomes do you think the States should achieve in the next four years, in your own words?

Monitor progress on becoming carbon neutral. Solar panel or solar brick to be compulsory on all new builds. Be producing hemp on island for insulation and more sustainable products, tables, chairs, cutlery, straws etc. Invest is offset of island projects such as Costa Rica


Martel, Adam