Thank you to all the candidates who completed the survey.


The puffin ratings below are based on their answers to the multiple choice questions we posed to them across three key issues, with four green puffins indicating the best answer down to 1 green puffin indicating the least environmentally friendly option. We did not factor the candidates' free form text answers (visible by clicking 'Read More' to get to their candidate page) into the ratings.

Candidates who did not engage with the survey received zero green puffins.

The States questions also contain informative environmental responses for some candidates:

Which statement best aligns to your views on the climate crisis?

We should take further steps to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions where it's practical and in Guernsey's interests to do so.

Please let us know more about your perspective on the climate crisis in your own words.

There are many aspects to the climate crisis. The climate is certainly always changing and the weight of evidence is that this is at least partly man-made. Furthermore it is possible that temperatures will continue to rise, with
disastrous results.

But it’s more than that. We have been polluting our environment. The recent programmes on plastic for example are extremely worrying. Air quality is suffering. We saw in lockdown that we had become used to levels which,
sadly, are returning. It was lovely to have a clear spell and it is something we should pursue again. My philosophy is to pick the low hanging fruit first. Insulating houses for
example is a proven strategy for reducing carbon and it also improves quality
of life.


Which statement best aligns to your views on the challenges being faced by local biodiversity?

I believe that Guernsey's environment and biodiversity is important. I consider that current conservation measures are appropriate.

Please let us know more about your views on the challenges faced by local biodiversity in your own words.

I live on Grandes Maisons Road. I see how our green spaces and beaches are vulnerable to development. The challenge will always be that the profit motive will outweigh the environmental. Some want to run a ponzi sceme with ever increasing growth. I don’t.


Transitioning to a greener economy could result in major, potentially unequal, social and economic impacts. Which statement best reflects your view of how these should be managed?

Climate action, economic and social justice are closely linked. I would strongly support equitable policies which don't put the financial burden of climate change on lower- and middle-income households.

Please let us know more about your perspective on climate equity and transitioning to a greener economy in your own words.

We must always protect the worse off.

I am not a fan of much of the revive and thrive strategy. We need to contain costs and only invest where there is a clear economic return. This is also a chance to re-think our priorities as a community.


Where the environment is concerned, what outcomes do you think the States should achieve in the next four years, in your own words?

I am standing on a platform of waste elimination, not recycling. I support the circular economy, not “sin” taxes.

My particular emphasis is on building more eco-friendly housing and helping to insulate older properties. I want to bring the production of energy certificates into law.


Roussel, Martyn